Darton Darby & Joan Club

Charity no 500543

If you are a Co-op member why not choose our cause to enable us to install a projection system at our hall for use as a community cinema and theatre backdrop.

By offering the hall as a community cinema, it will encourage people to come and use our facilities. It will also enable us to use the cinema facilities for dementia groups to use in a safe and welcoming environment. It will also be used by the resident youth theatre group as projection backdrop.

To choose our cause just click on the link:

Darton Darby & Joan Club situated in Darton, Barnsley was founded in 1954 to provide facilities for recreation and leisure in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life of residents of the then Darton Urban District.

In 1968 plans were drawn up to move into new premises on land that had been donated to the Darby & Joan Club and the village raised the money for the building of the hall.

The Darby & Joan Club is a charity that is registered with the Charity Commision.

The Club is available for hire 7 days a week whether this is a one-off party booking or a regular booking. Have a look at our calendar for availability.

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Due to the coronavirus crisis and the UK Government directive for the closure of non-essential venues, the hall will be closed until further notice.

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S75 5HQ.