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Come and join us at our brand new community event.


You can make one or more entries (individuals or group) and bring along your exhibit(s) on the day. There is no theme, just let your imagination run riot!

There will be refreshments available, plus stalls on the day of the event.

We look forward to seeing you.

The entry form is at the bottom of the page.

  1. Anyone is welcome to enter the competition.

  2. Entry fees are as follows Category 1 - £5, Category 2 - £3 and Category 3 - £2. 

  3. There will be a prize for each Category.

  4. To participate entrants must submit completed registration form by Saturday 31st August 2024.

  5. Scarecrows must be on display by 10:30am on 7th September 2024 at tha Darton Darby & Joan Hall, Church Street Darton S75 5HQ. Upon arrival please speak to a member of the team who will advise where to display your entry.

  6. There are 3 categories for entrants – If you wish you can enter more than 1 category. Please complete the entry form below stating which categories you wish to enter. We will send you an invoice after we receive your entry form.
    Category 1: Scarecrow up to 1 metre tall (to be displayed outside).
    Category 2: Scarecrow up to 30 centimetres tall (to be displayed inside).
    Category 3
    : Fancy dress scarecrow for children aged 11 or under.

  7. All scarecrows must be built from scratch by the entrant (no commercial creations or pre-moulded face masks allowed).

  8. Creativity and originality – judges will be looking for scarecrows with flair, it may be the materials used, the way it is displayed or simply a fantastic idea.

  9. All scarecrows must be made and displayed in good taste.  Any entrant designing a scarecrow which may cause offence will be disqualified.

  10. Following the event entrants may either take their entry home or leave it to be displayed within the Darby & Joan grounds.

  11. Finally, and most importantly, enjoy making your creations!

  1. Only scarecrows registered in time will be considered by the judges.

  2. Judges will be selected by the Darby & Joan trustees.

  3. Judging will take place at 12 noon,7th September, 2024.

  4. The trustees’ and judges’ interpretation of the rules (and any decisions made by them) are absolutely final and may not be challenged.

  5. By entering the scarecrow competition you confirm that you accept these rules.

Entry Form
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